Will tax-reduction and wealth enhancement strategies work for my practice?

We recently had the pleasure of a visit to our office by Ian Welham, a partner of the firm Sage Financial Partners.  Ian took the time to explain to us how his firm can help professionals and business owners implement tax reduction and wealth enhancement strategies for their clients.

Will tax-reduction and wealth enhancement strategies work for my practice?

SAGE Financial Partners says YES!

As a dedicated physician, you take the time to evaluate each patient’s overall health and vitality before presenting a serious diagnosis and discussing treatment recommendations, right? SAGE does the same thing when guiding you toward financial security!

Many successful business owners and professionals reach a point where 50% of every incremental dollar earned is lost to taxation… but with proper planning it IS possible to re-capture a significant portion of those dollars and convert them into accumulated wealth for your retirement, family, and legacy!

Taxation is NOT out of our control.  We don’t simply pay more if we make more.  By accounting, legal, and financial planning it is very possible to transform taxation into a controllable cost.  The accumulated year-after-year savings can make a huge difference in your financial life and accumulated wealth- which can result in an early retirement!

Sage helps business owners and successful professionals like yourself build and preserve wealth while minimizing taxes! Is it worth 30 minutes of your time to get answers  to these questions: Can I hold on to more of what I make?  Can I reduce my tax bill by 20 to 40 percent?  Can I reach my financial goals 5 to 10 years ahead of schedule? Can I get money out of my business or practice sooner?  Can I be better protected and make my business more attractive to sell?  It’s easy to find out.

Call or email Steve Radespiel at 201-525-1100 or sradespiel@icnj.com to request a written evaluation from Sage Financial Partners at no cost to you!  So what are you waiting for?


“Choosing insurance is a tremendous responsibility, and we are delighted to assist in that process. We consider your needs personally, and intelligently.”