Social Media tips for physicians

1. Before you attempt anything else on the Internet please fix your online reputation first.

2. Physician ratings are the most socially-relevant channels in 2012. Starting in January, these companies have started spending millions of dollars urging patients to screen doctors. Bad online reputations are disastrous for practices.

3. Google Search is the most

cost- and time-effective social media tool available.


4. For doctors who perform elective procedures, who accept out-of-network benefits, or have fee-for-service practices, social media is a requirement.

5. Learn to blog.

6. Learn the basics of medical search engine optimization (SEO).

7. Link to articles and resources that are yours.

8. Do not advertise your services.

9. There is serious ROI that can be identified with Google Analytics. Install it into anything and everything.

10. Protect your social media ROI.

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