Purchasing Alliance


NJAAP Members, we are pleased to offer you an exclusive membership benefit!

Receive a 20% discount on your MDAdvantage medical malpractice insurance premiums simply by joining the AAP/NJ Purchasing Alliance!

Benefits of Membership in the AAP NJ Purchasing Alliance

Discount Information

Depending on current insurance rates, most full-time Pediatricians would qualify for a MDAdvantage medical malpractice premium discount of at least $1,800 and up to $3,600 per year (available to part timers as well), with a majority of Pediatricians receiving a discount of $2,500.

This discount is in addition to other discounts applicable to your policy, such as Risk Management (including EMR – Electronic Medical Records, EPW – Electronic Prescription Writer), Part-time, and New Doctor discounts.

Who is Eligible?

Qualifying Pediatric Specialities:

Pediatrics – No surgery
Pediatrics – Minor surgery
Pediatrics – Subspecialties*
(*Physicians who practice in other subspecialities as recognized by the American Board of Pediatrics and who are members of the Purchasing Alliance are also eligible for a 20% discount if their practice derives 90% or more from the treatment of children aged 21 and younger based on number of patient visits)

Please note that MDAdvantage’s underwriting guidelines will apply to all prospectives insureds and premiums will vary based on a number of underwriting factors. If MDAdvantage declines to offer a policy at this time, the Purchasing Alliance membership fee will be refunded.

How to Apply for the Discount?

1) AAP NJ Membership: If you are not an AAP/NJ Chapter member, you must fill out and mail the AAP/NJ application along with a $165 check for chapter membership to the National AAP:

American Academy of Pediatrics
72103 Eagle Way
Chicago, IL 60678

Click here for Chapter Membership application form.

2) AAP NJ Purchasing Alliance Membership: Please fill out and mail the Purchasing Alliance membership application along with a $150 check for the Purchasing Alliance membership fee to:

AAP NJ Purchasing Alliance
3836 Quakerbridge Road, Suite 108
Hamilton, NJ 08619

Click here for the Purchasing Alliance membership application form.

Contact PPA’s own Geri Warick for more information

201-621-9007 (x18)


full site: http://www.aapnj.org/showcontent.aspx?MenuID=997

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