Orthopedics- Start Saving!

Don’t miss your chance to reduce your malpractice premium through the New Jersey Orthopedic Society/Orthopedic Surgeons of New Jersey (NJOS/OSNJ) Purchasing Alliance and and MDAdvantage.

The savings are significant!

Base Premium: $39,461 (including spine) $33,124 (excluding spine)

Premium Credits Available: $8,045 (excluding spine) $9,596 (including spine)
Orthopedic Society Purchasing Alliance Credit
Practice On-Site Assessment
Electronic Medical Record System
Practice Self-Assessment
Electronic Prescription Writer Credit
Educational Program Credit
Final Annual Premium: $25,079 (excluding spine)
$29,865 (including spine)

And remember- MDAdvantage Insurance Company of New Jersey has been assigned a financial strength rating of “A- (Excellent)” from A.M. Best!
Step up to a whole new level of protection with MDAdvantage in partnership with NJOS/OSNJ Purchasing Alliance.

Contact Geri Warick at 201-621-9007 (x18) or gwarick@icnj.com and start saving!

This Premium Indication represents one premium possibility, and includes an array of product credits that are available through MDAdvantage® for your specialty.

Your final premium proposal may vary depending on your particular circumstances, and will be developed once all of your information has been submitted to MDAdvantage.
This Premium Indication does not extend any commitment of coverage or pricing on the part of MDAdvantage Insurance Company of New Jersey.

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