Business Professional Liability Insurance

Professional Protective Alliance has proudly served the insurance needs of professional men and women in New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut for the past 80 years. Our main goal during this time and looking forward to the future has always been to help our professional clients get the insurance that best meets their unique and individual needs.

As an independent insurance agency, we offer a wide range of business insurance products many other agencies do not have access to, meaning we can truly offer you the best product for your business needs.

Choosing the right policy to protect your business is a huge responsibility and we’re here to help you every step of the way.

Who Needs Business Insurance?

Anyone who owns a business needs business insurance. Different policies cover different things. Many businesses begin with a standard business owner’s policy (BOP), which offers basic coverage for the following:

  • Business Interruption Insurance
  • Crime Insurance
  • General Liability Insurance
  • Loss of Utilities
  • Property Insurance
  • Vehicle Coverage

It doesn’t end with the basics though. Keep in mind a standard business owners policy has coverage limits. You may need additional types of insurance in order to cover the basic and unique needs of your business.

Data Breach Liability Insurance

Data breach liability insurance is critically important in the information age. You can’t turn on the news without hearing about some high profile data breach and those are with major companies that have resources devoted to protecting the information of their customers and employees.

Smaller businesses and professional practice do not generally have the resources or infrastructure to fight against brute force hacking attempts, malware, and more. The legal and public relations fallout, not to mention financial consequences can be devastating without adequate insurance protection.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

If you have employees, you need workers’ compensation insurance. It’s as simple as that for most businesses, even if you are a small professional practices. There are very few exceptions to this legal requirement.

Regardless, of the law, however, it’s a good idea as this provides you some degree of protection from legal action if employees become ill or injured as a result of their work.

Employment Practices Liability Insurance – This type of insurance, known by the acronym EPLI, is becoming more and more necessary as businesses face tough choices about hiring, layoffs, and firing. With the number of of lawsuits claiming improper employment practices (discrimination against age, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, etc.) increasing, EPLI is a necessity rather than a luxury.

Business Insurance for Professionals

Specialized professionals have different needs from their insurance policies than general businesses. You have special needs that go above and beyond basic insurance coverage. Below are a few examples:

Physician Insurance

Medical malpractice is one of the most basic and fundamental insurance products all physicians need. Not just for yourself, but the professionals who are part of your practice as well.

Malpractice insurance needs vary widely from one practice to the next and are influenced by the area of medicine you practice, the size of your practice, and existing or previous claims filed against you. That’s why it’s so important to work with a full service insurance agency – to help you find the plan that offers the best possible coverage for your business.

Accountants Insurance

Who knew accountants would need errors and omissions coverage too? It’s true, mistakes happen all the times and when accounting errors occur, the stakes can be high. Most accountants do not have an adequate amount of liability insurance, but we can help with that, sometimes, even if you’ve been turned down elsewhere.

Attorney Insurance

Legal malpractice insurance is as important for attorneys as medical malpractice insurance is for doctors. You’ve worked hard to build your legal practice and do not want to face unnecessary risks by having inadequate insurance coverage.

Dentist Insurance

Dentistry is part science and part art. No one is perfect and if things go wrong, you need to be confident that you have the right insurance to protect your practice and your person from the fallout of a lawsuit – not to mention the expense of potentially lengthy litigation. That’s what having the right coverage does for you.

Why Choose Professional Protective Alliance?

Our 80 year history of offering insurance protections to professionals throughout the area makes us a great choice. Our commitment to excellence makes us a winning choice. But it’s our ability to match area professionals with the best possible policies to meet their professional business insurance needs that makes us the perfect choice for you.

Call Professional Protective Alliance today at 800-864-3952 and see for yourself the kind of personalized business insurance package we can put together for you.

“Choosing insurance is a tremendous responsibility, and we are delighted to assist in that process. We consider your needs personally, and intelligently.”