We recently saved a dermatologist over $3.5K by switching them to MDAdvantage NJ Dermatology Purchasing Alliance’s program from their current medical malpractice insurance provider.  Additionally, they were provided through MDAdvantage the Supreme Advantage coverages EPLI data breach and billing defense at no additional cost.

“Doctors today face unprecedented economic challenges, and need to protect not only how they practice medicine but how they operate their businesses, “said Patricia Costante, CEO of the Lawrenceville, N.J.-based MDAdvantage. “Supreme Advantage™ was developed to help physicians in all specialties—ranging from solo practitioners to those in large groups—afford the increasingly high cost of practicing medicine in New Jersey. We are proud to be the first New Jersey-based medical professional liability carrier to provide this supplemental coverage to its insured physicians at no additional cost.”

Would you like to lower you costs and reduce your medical malpractice premium? Would you also like to be protected for employment related suits and have defense coverage for HIPPA hi-tech violations and RAQ audits? If you answered yes, which we are sure you did, What are you waiting for? MDAdvantage Discount for members of Dermatological Society’s Risk Purchasing Alliance is 25%!!!

Coverage highlights:

• Employment Practice Liability Insurance (EPLI): wrongful termination, employment discrimination  sexual harassment, invasion of privacy, and other activities.

• Privacy and Data Security Insurance (PDSI): network security and privacy violations involving HIPAA, data breaches and patient notification, data recovery and other activities.

• Medical Practice Administration Insurance (MPAI) : Medicaid audits, other types of audits and the resulting fines and penalties.

Physicians whose medical professional liability insurance is through MDAdvantage will receive a complimentary level of all three coverages at no extra cost, and will also have the option to purchase additional limits. Doctors not insured with MDAdvantage can purchase either all three coverages, a combination of PDSI and MPAI, or just EPLI.

As an MDA broker we can acquire you a quote and assist you with the application process. Once you become an MDA insured, we’ll be there to service you policyholder needs. For more details please contact Steve Radespiel at 201-621-9007 ext. 12 or via email at

“Choosing insurance is a tremendous responsibility, and we are delighted to assist in that process. We consider your needs personally, and intelligently.”