FREE Network EMR Assessment

Medical and dental groups are confronted with an overwhelming convergence of technology, compliance and regulatory standards, and new business and payment processes. This convergence has created a title wave of technological change that is forever altering the way in which medical practices operate, forcing practitioners to become technically savvy. The cost and complexity of introducing new technology solutions into medical and dental practices increases with each innovation. Doctors often struggle with the fact that they spend more time running their medical practice than actually practicing medicine!

So how do you keep up?

As your insurance partner, the Insurance Center of North Jersey has arranged for you to receive a complimentary network assessment from one of the Nation’s leading IT services firms, SWK Technologies, Inc. of Livingston, NJ.

This free assessment will help guide you to understand:

* How secure your network infrastructure, systems and corporate data are from privacy attacks, infrastructure failure, and weather and other catastrophic events.
* Whether you are complaint with HIPAA, ePHI, NPI and other government mandates.
* How to build a comprehensive business continuity plan that ensure the security of your practice’s data and IT assets
* How to build, manage, maintain and secure your IT in a cost effective manner

The assessment is done on-site. The assessment is dine on-site. It usually takes about 90 minutes, and does not disrupt operation of your systems/computers at all.

To take advantage of this network assessments compliments of the Insurance Center of North Jersey, please RSVP to:

“Choosing insurance is a tremendous responsibility, and we are delighted to assist in that process. We consider your needs personally, and intelligently.”