Contents & Equipment Insurance is a Necessity.

Does your business have a lot of leased contents and equipment?  Anything that is not land or buildings – real property. If so, it may not be properly covered. This is a common problem for companies that make extensive use of leased contents and equipment.

The lease you signed probably makes you responsible for the contents and equipment under your control. It probably also requires you to carry insurance on them, also a given. The question is, what does the lease require of you in the event of destruction of the contents and equipment? Many leases require the lessee to replace the damaged equipment or to pay off the balance of the lease. While this may sound reasonable, this type of language probably means that your leased equipment is underinsured, unless you have taken specific steps otherwise.

As with your personal property you want to be certain that the equipment you need to run your business is well insured. We offer property and liability business equipment insurance to satisfy this need.

“Choosing insurance is a tremendous responsibility, and we are delighted to assist in that process. We consider your needs personally, and intelligently.”