What you need to know about employment practices liability insurance

Employment practice concerns make headlines daily.  They are the focus of popular novels and movies, and they are among the most popular topic discussed around the office coffee pot.  Liability your business faces could result from wrongful termination; discrimination in hiring practices, including age, sex and race; sexual harassment; and not following the requirements set fort in the Family […]

What you can you do to prevent a wage lawsuit against your buisness?

There may be risk reduction techniques that could be of help, sometimes not even complicated ones.  I just heard the story of a recent claim brought by the chef of a restaurant.  He would come in to work, clock in, go to lunch but not clock out.  He would then clock out at the end […]

HIPPA Issues: Occuring Everyday

The agents at Professional Protective Alliance are regular people, and we know you are too.  We also know regular people make mistakes.  Have you ever, as a professional staff, discussed a patient or client on too personal a level?  Maybe he or she owes your practice money, which could lead you to a verbal discussion […]

Cyber security insurance- What is it and why do I need it?

What is cyber security insurance? Does your business maintain electronic records with personal data on your clients?  Is your company prepared to absorb the significant financial implications associated with an unauthorized breach of that data?  Could a virus cripple your PC network?  If so, do you have enough cash reserves to make up for the downtime or […]

Adding a New Physician to Your Practice

Valued customers, We’ve stumbled across an interesting advice article by Judy Capko and decided to share. Some practices are struggling with meeting patient demands. There is a real shortage of physicians in a number of specialties; and this can tax many practices, making it difficult to meet and/or manage demand. The problem becomes more pressing […]

Workers’ compensation insurance penalties in New Jersey

New Jersey’s worker’s compensation statuses were amended on October 2008 by a series of bills signed by then-Gov. John Corzine, which intended to strengthen the system and set penalties that can levied levied against participants who run afoul of the systems requirements. What are the requirements? An employee in new Jersey must satisfy its obligations to injured employees under the Worker’s […]

PIANJ elects board of directors

PROFESSIONAL INSURANCE AGENTS New Jersey- PIANJ- Has elected insurance producers from around the state to it’s board of directors. These individuals will be serving a 3 year terms, expiring in 2015. We are proud to announce our president, Steven Radespiel, is among the seven elected!  


Dear valued client, Here at the Professional Protective Alliance, we are always looking for ways to improve our client relationships.  Although we have been happily serving northern New Jersey for over 80 years, we understand times are changing, and we want to change with them! Thus, we are in the midst of a web renovation. We have decided to […]

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