understanding new jersey surplus lines

What is a surplus-lines policy? It is a policy written by an insurance company that is not authorized (not licensed) in the state of New Jersey. A surplus-lines policy from an unauthorized company may be legally written through surplus-lines producers, when the insurer is deemed to be an eligible surplus-lines insurer. This means the insurer […]

How has your business changed over the past year?

It’s a good idea to review your insurance needs annually, so please take a few moments to complete the checklist below. Answering these questions will help to identify whether your existing business insurance coverage is appropriate or if changes are necessary. Coverage Checklist General Information 1. Has the name of your business changed? Y  […]

Claims Made Vs. Occurrence

As you probably know, professional liability insurance is available in two forms – occurrence or claims-made.  Although both provide protection, there are major differences between the two. An occurrence policy provides coverage, regardless of when the claim is reported, for an injury or damage that takes place anytime during the policy period.  This provides long-term […]

Contents & Equipment Insurance is a Necessity.

Does your business have a lot of leased contents and equipment?  Anything that is not land or buildings – real property. If so, it may not be properly covered. This is a common problem for companies that make extensive use of leased contents and equipment. The lease you signed probably makes you responsible for the […]

Happy Birthday Steve!

  As we celebrate yet another birthday in our office, we kicked the cake recipe up a notch!

Copier Data Security: A Guide for Businesses

Does your company keep sensitive data — Social Security numbers, credit reports, account numbers, health records, or business secrets? If so, then you’ve probably instituted safeguards to protect that information, whether it’s stored in computers or on paper. That’s not only good business, but may be required by law. According to the Federal Trade Commission […]

Code Correctly to Avoid RAC Audits at Your Practice

By Martin Merritt- taken from Physician’s Practice. On December 17, 2012 CMS published “Medicare Fee-For-Service Recovery Audit Myths.” Try as I might, more eloquent words cannot better describe my thoughts, than the two-word colloquium preferred by my 13-year-old: “Defensive much?”   The “myths” sought to be debunked are (in no particular order): 1. RACs deny […]

ICNJ brought smiles to hospitalized children

This past week, in honor of Valentine’s Day, ICNJ donated 20 teddy bears to sick children residing in Hackensack Hospital!  

Your Medical Practice Photocopier Could Be a HIPAA Liability Time Bomb (By Martin Merritt)

Digital photocopiers, scanners, and telefax machines are essential to modern medical office. They are also potential HIPAA liability time bombs. An investigative report by CBS News reveals that nearly every printer, copier, scanner and telefax machine built since 2002 contain hard drives which capture images of every document processed. In order to see how widespread […]

Choosing Insurance Coverage BEYOND Malpractice

“Choosing insurance is a tremendous responsibility, and we are delighted to assist in that process. We consider your needs personally, and intelligently.”