Top 10 Problems Medical Directors Face Under the HITECH Act

As the director of a busy medical group, it is your responsibility to ensure that all of your members understand and maintain complex HIPAA security standards. This safeguards your medical group’s reputation, both within the medical community and in the eyes of your clients. However, you’re not an IT expert. With the high number of […]

Will tax-reduction and wealth enhancement strategies work for my practice?

We recently had the pleasure of a visit to our office by Ian Welham, a partner of the firm Sage Financial Partners.  Ian took the time to explain to us how his firm can help professionals and business owners implement tax reduction and wealth enhancement strategies for their clients. Will tax-reduction and wealth enhancement strategies […]


Here are some ways for you to minimize the risk of a data breach and HIPAA violations! If you believe a breach has occurred, take action quickly and decisively. Work with trusted legal advisors for them to determine if a report to the proper authorities is required. Make sure that your HIPAA compliance plans are […]

Your Coverage, Your Way

As you may already know, professional liability insurance is available in two forms – occurrence or claims-made.  Although both provide protection, there are major differences between the two and selecting your policy type is one of the most significant decisions you’ll make when buying professional liability coverage.   Occurrence Occurrence coverage responds to a claim […]

New Year, New Policy?

It’s a good idea to review your insurance needs annually, so please take a few moments to complete the checklist below. Answering these questions will help to identify whether your existing business insurance coverage is appropriate or if changes  are necessary.   Coverage Checklist    General Information   Has the name of your business changed? […]

Data Breach Protection Plan

If you think the rules regarding data breach reporting apply only to major breaches involving 500 or more persons you are wrong! -71% of data breaches happen to small businesses -Small businesses experience 95% of the credit card breaches reported -52% of small business owners say they have no data security policy -Reported data breaches […]

FREE Network EMR Assessment

Medical and dental groups are confronted with an overwhelming convergence of technology, compliance and regulatory standards, and new business and payment processes. This convergence has created a title wave of technological change that is forever altering the way in which medical practices operate, forcing practitioners to become technically savvy. The cost and complexity of introducing […]


Although no one can guarantee that an interruption in business will not occur or that impacts will not ensue from an infectious disease event, ICNJ’ believes that planning, development and implementation of a sound plan will provide a reasonable assurance that your organization will be prepared to respond to emergencies and can recover from interruptions. […]

The Dentist Smart Plan

A General Dentist can purchase an Occurrence policy with liability limits of $1,000,000/$3,000,000 for an annual premium, which can be as low as $1,733* for those who qualify through the Dentist Smart Plan. Are you a Smart Dentist? -professional liability coverage for General Dentists on an Occurrence or a Claims Made policy. -limited coverage for […]


Don’t miss your chance to reduce your malpractice premium through the Dermatological Society of New Jersey DSNJ Purchasing Alliance and MDAdvantage. You could be saving 25% annually!   Final Annual Premium: $5,027      Discounts applied:DSNJ Purchasing Alliance CreditPractice On-Site Assesment Electronic Medical Record System Practice Self-Assesment Electronic Prescription Writer Credit Educational Program Credit   MDAdvantage […]

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